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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

from the email stack... ADO Region II-2, East/West Allstars-501 National Championship Qualifer

Hello everyone! Just wanted to share with you the final results for our men’s regional for the East/West Allstars-501 National Championship. Once again, I have to give a huge thank you to the GSDDA for continuing to bring out great support for the regional events. The efforts are very much appreciated and it would be awesome if every league in this regional could have 5 representatives for each regional event. Then we could send on 2, or maybe even 3 players on to the National events. We had 9 men on Saturday and here are the results! Congratulations to Doug McDonough, who will go on to Connecticut to represent region II-2 at the East/West Allstars-501 National Championship event in August. Good luck Doug!

Doug McDonough (GSDDA) 17 legs won

Andrew Bennett (TDS) 15 legs won (playoff winner)

John Kramer (TDS) 15 legs won

Marvin Wentz (GSDDA) 13 legs won

JD Newman (GSDDA) 12 legs won

Bill Neel (VCDA) 12 legs won

Dan Jager (GSDDA) 11 legs won

Charles Bradish (GSDDA) 10 legs won

Allen Williams (PDA) 4 legs won

Sadly, there was not ladies regional event due to lack of interest so we will not be able to send a lady on to Connecticut to represent region II-2.

Thanks again everyone for your participation and looking forward to seeing all of you at PacMania II next weekend.

Take care!!!

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