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Monday, June 29, 2009

from the email stack... ADO Region II-2... Regional locations...


Hello everyone, as I near the last 6 months of my term as ADO Regional Director, I wanted to say thanks to the many that helped out and supported the regionals in the last year and a half. It has been an interesting time for me, as well. I wish life was able to allow me the chance to do many of the things with this position that I had hoped to accomplish, but and work tend to call first and the loudest, and in these tough economic times, it is folks like me and you who are grateful to have the jobs we do and will do everything they can to ensure their success in them. This never means that darts and the game is not important, but just sometimes needs to take a back seat to the realities of life.

I would foremost like to thank the members of the GSDDA. Their constant and continued support for each and every regional event has been without fail. I commend all of you and I wish that all the leagues in the region had the same dedication to the regional events. GSDDA has without fail sent anywhere from 3-6 participants for each event, whether they be league qualifiers or players paying their own money to play. I thank you all for your support, as the regionals would never have been a success without it. In return for those efforts and in closing to my term as Regional Director, I have arranged for GSDDA to host the last two remaining regional events for this year.

The next regional is for the US Team where the winners will go on to compete at the National Playoffs in Denver, Colorado in October. The date for the mens regional is set for August 10th starting at 10am at the Fleet Reserve in Poway. I was advised that the management has arranged for food to be available that day, more than likely at their usual $5 a plate, to help support the event. Thanks much to Deb Pundt, GSDDA ADO Rep for arranging the event and for everything she has done to ensure GSDDA's continued strong participation at the regionals. The cricket regional dates are still pending.

Our women's regionals, while they started off with a pretty good bang and we sent quite a few women to compete in the last year and a half, which is more than what we have sent in quite a number of years, the participation seems to have waned, so I am still working on this and determining when and where we can have a regional event, or if there will even be any participants for it.

In conclusion, thanks to all of you for your continued support, your words of praise and your assistance when needed. It is teamwork that really makes these events happen and I could not have accomplished all of this without the help and support from the many of you out there.

As an added note, I wanted to also take a moment to advise you of an upcoming special event in this area called Baby Angel's Trust, which is an event to help assist a child who was brutally attacked by his father. Please click on the link below to go to the SCDV website that has all the information available for the event.

As an FYI....complete results for PacMania II are now listed on The Martell's website- link.

Thanks again everyone for everything and looking forward to seeing you at some darting events in the future.

Take care!!!

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