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Friday, June 12, 2009

Up in Barnsley for my birthday - DIARY OF A DART PLAYER - By Andy Relf

After a few weeks' break from PDC tournaments, this weekend sees us heading to Barnsley for two Players Championship competitions.
I'm looking forward to getting back into action again, as I feel that in my last few matches I had maybe put too much emphasis on trying to qualify for last week's UK Open tournament at the Reebok Stadium in Bolton, and that it affected my normal game.

The downside of this tournament means that I've got to drive all the way to Yorkshire, leaving home at about 6.45 in the evening...and it's my birthday!

Oh well, the birthday dinner and cake can wait a day until we go out on Saturday evening in Barnsley. Hopefully I might have a win to celebrate by then as well. (full article...)

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