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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saipan Electronic #Darts Association

D'Pirates Bar & Grill's Mama Snipers pose for a photo in their home bar last Monday after their 9-6 victory against sister team Strikers in the SEDA Ladies Division. (Contributed Photo) Yakau has a slight lead over D'Pirates Bar & Grill's Strikers in the Ladies Division of the Saipan Electronic Dart Association after beating Sande's Megatouch, 11-4, at home Monday night at Jonny's Bar.

Lois Blaluk, Ressie Takeda, and Frances Magofna won three of the four Singles 301 Double in/Double Out games to help Yakau jump out ahead early.

Then Yakau swept both Partners Wild and Crazy Cricket matches before both teams won a Partners 501 Double In/Double Out game.


Salbahe Bros. lead in B League

By Walter J. Sutherland

Salbahe Brothers obliterated D'Pirates Bar & Grill's IDK 4, 11-4, at home at Buddies Bar & Grill's Tuesday night to improve to a league-leading 70-35 win-loss record in the Saipan Electronic Dart Association's B League.

Salbahe Brothers and IDK 4 won a pair of Singles 301 Double In/Double Out matches


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