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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

3rd set World #Darts Championship Second Round Tuesday Walsh v. Tabern

set 3, leg 1
Walsh to throw first
a 180 by tabern gives him the scoring advantage
Tabern takes the leg against the throw.
Tabern 1-0

leg 2
Good scoring by Walsh should give him first shot at the double.
Walsh wants 56 with Tabern on 100, and Walsh takes the leg.
level 1-1

leg 3
A fan disturbs Tabern and he reacts with a stern look and a point towards the fan.
Tabern should be first to the double.
Tabern leaves 16
Walsh wants 146 leaves 41
Tavern leaves 2
Walsh takes the leg
Walsh 2-1

leg 4
Strong scoring by Tabern and poor scoring by Walsh should get Tabern first shot at the double.
Walsh hits a 180 to put on pressure.
Tabern can't finish, and Walsh is back to take the leg and the set.
Walsh 3-1 in legs and Tabern 2-1 in sets.

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