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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Osborne v. Caven World #Darts Championship Second Round Wednesday December 29 set 4

set 4, Leg 1
Caven to throw first.
Osborne 140, 180, 45 wants 81
Caven 180 to put on pressure
Osborne leaves 59
Caven leaves 25
Osborne back to take the leg
Osborne 1-0

leg 2
Caven's scoring is erratic and has yet to put real pressure into this leg.
Osborne has the advantage but only just.
Osborne wants 160 and leaves 73,
Caven from 221 hits 140 and leaves 81
Osborne leaves 8
Caven leaves 13
Osboren has missed 34 at doubles and leaves 4
Caven comes to up to take the leg.
level 1-1

leg 3
Caven to throw first.
Osborne's 180 leaves him 170
Caven leaves 190
Osborne leaves 65
Caven's 170 leaves 20
Osborne 25, Tops to take the leg.
Osborne 2-1 in a 14 darter.

leg 4
osborne 140, 100, 55, 134 leaves 72
Caven 60, 99, 100 leaves 260
Caven leaves 175
Osborne takes the Leg and the match!
Osborne 3-1 in legs and 4 nil in sets!

This match saw Osborne show some strong scoring, but erratic on the doubles at a 32% avg. Caven's scoring was erratic and just was not able to see enough doubles. When he did get to the doubles he had a 33% avg. Lots of highs and lows in this match and Osborne will need more consistency in his game for the next round.

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