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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

5th set McDine v. Barneveld, World #Darts Championship Second Round Wednesday December 29

set 5, leg 1
Barney holds his throw in the first leg.
Barney 1-0

leg 2
McDine leaves 136
Barney leaves 154
McDine leaves 78
Barney leaves 94
McDine leaves 15
Barney takes the leg
Barney 2-0

leg 3
Barney Throwing for the leg and the match.
Barney 90, 140, 101 to leave 170 leaves 36
McDine 180, 54, 89 leav3 178 leaves 40
Barney takes the leg, set and the match
Barney legs 3-0, sets 4-1

Barney put on a strong performance, some double trouble but big scores pull him through. McDine did serve notice that he is a player not to be overlooked.

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