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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Smith v. King, set 7 World #Darts Championship Second Round Wednesday December 29

set 7, leg 1
Smith holds his throw.
Smith 1-0

leg 2
Smith leaves 110
King wants 131 and leaves 32
Smith leaves 60
King no score! Leaves 32
Smith wants 60 s20, s20 miss
King s16, miss, s8
Smith hits the d10 for the leg
King had 6 at the double for the leg!
Smith 2-0

Leg 3
Smith throws first.
Erratic scoring gives King first look at the double
King wants 25 and leaves 8
Smith wants 64 t16, miss, s8
King back to take the leg
Smith had 2 darts for the match! King stays alive.
Smith 2-1

Leg 4
King to throw first.
King holding his scoring advantage and should see 1st double
Smith 180 leaves 101
King leaves 40
Smith leaves 32
King leaves 40
Smith back to take the leg, set and match!
Smith legs 3-1, sets 4-3

Six seed King goes out to 27 seed Andy Smith! With 5 ton+ checkouts Smith goes through to the final 16!

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