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Thursday, December 30, 2010

set 5, Lewis v.Thornton, PDC World #Darts Championship Thursday December 30

set 5, leg 1
Lewis 180 leaves 46
Thornton wants 170 leaves 65
Lewis takes the leg against the throw.
Lewis 1-0

leg 2
Thornton waiting on 124
Lewis wants 108 and gets it for the leg
Lewis 2-0

leg 3
Lewis 180 leaves 151
Thornton 180 leaves 55
Lewis leaves 58
Thornton leaves 20
Lewis takes the leg, set and the match!
Lewis legs 3-0, sets 4-1

This was a match that showed spotty play by Thornton, and Lewis was able to take great advantage with great finishing, he had 3 tom+, strong scoring. Thornton did show flashes of quality, but not often enough to apply real pressure to Lewis. Lewis; "I hit the right shots at the right time."

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