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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

set 2 World #Darts Championship Second Round Tuesday Walsh v. Tabern

set 2, leg 1
Tabern has first at the double, but misses and leaves Waslsh a shot at 106. Walsh does not finish and Tabern back to take the leg.
Tabern 1-0

leg 2
A 180 by Walsh helps him hold the scoring advantage and see the bull for a finish.
Walsh leaves 34.
Tabern leaves 18
Walsh bursts his score.
Tabern back to take the leg.

leg 3
Tabern opens with 180, 41, 43, 83 wants 154 and leaves 94
Tabern leaves 40
Walash on 126 and leaves 65
Tabern leaves 10
Walsh leaves 8
Tabern takes the leg and the set.
Tabern 3-0 in legs, and 2-0 sets

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