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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

World #Darts Championship Second Round Tuesday Walsh v. Tabern final

Decider set must be won by 2 clear legs unless it gets to 5-5 in legs, at which points its down to sudden death.

set 7, leg 1
Walsh to throw first
Walsh gets first look at a double and leaves 40,
Tabern does not finish.
Walsh back to take the leg.
Walsh 1-0

leg 2
Steady scoring by both and Tabern gets to the double first and takes the leg.
level 1-1

leg 3
Tabern takes the leg against the throw.
Tabern 2-1

leg 4
Tabern to throw first.
nervous scoring by both, but Tabern should see the double first.
Walsh on 203
Tabern wants 120 leaves 60
Walsh leaves 103
Tabern leaves 20
Walsh leaves 51
Tabern leaves 10
Walsh back to force a tiebreak.
Tabern misses 5 darts for the match.
level 2-2

leg 5
Tabern throwing like a beaten man in this leg.
Walsh takes the leg.
Walsh 3-2

leg 6
Walsh looking confident and opens with 180, 60, 60, 41 leaves 160
Tabern just holding his scoring advantage and should see the first double
Tabern takes the leg
level 3-3

leg 7
Walsh to throw first
Tabern needs 76 to break the throw and leaves 20
Walsh wants 108 and leaves 24
Tabern back to take the leg
Tabern 4-3

leg 8
Tabern to throw first
Walsh wants 161 and leaves 24
Tabern wants 127 leaves 49
Walsh breaks the throw and takes the leg
level 4-4

leg 9
Tabern not able to hit pressure doubles
Walsh takes the leg.
Walsh 5-4

leg 10
Tabern to throw first
Tabern appears to be falling apart under the pressure. Tabern not scoring well.
Walsh finishes 102 for the leg, set and the match.
Walsh 6-4 in legs and 4-3 in sets.

Tabern had several chances during the match to either take a commanding lead, or in later stages take the match, but in critical moments his accuracy deserted him. Many of his misses landed on the wire, but off the mark. He misses 6 match points and Walsh takes the match.
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