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Friday, March 27, 2009

Important Updates from

If you are playing in the King of the Hill 2 (KOTH2), you MUST read our info page. It has important information about the event – including registration times:

Also, we are pleased to announce 2 New Events - King of Cricket and Queen of the Hill

Both these events will be held at the same time at the Owl’s Club (on different floors) on Saturday, May 23rd, 2009. This is the week after Victoria Day.

We’ll tentatively limit the King of Cricket to 48 players, and the Queen of the Hill to 30, with a minimum of 16 players required for either event.

With a ticket price of $25, we anticipate prize pools to be:

King of Cricket $200-$500 for the winner

Queen of the Hill $150-$300 for the winner

For more details on these events, click here:

To register for either event:

The Tournament Team

PS: Also, don’t forget to enter our contest this month:

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