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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Premier League Darts, John Part, James Wade 3-26-09 at the break.

1st leg
Part to throw first
Part opens with back to back 140s
180 for James Wade and leaves 120, but
Part takes out the 72 to win the leg.
Part is up 1-0

2nd leg
Wade has the throw.
Wade takes out 85 with Part on 200.
The match is level at 1-1

3rd leg
Part wins the leg.
Part is up 2-1

4th leg
Part hits the 180, but Wade strikes back with a 180 of his own.
Wade hits the d10 to level the match.

5th leg
Part takes out the 32 on the first dart.
Part leads 3-1

6th leg
Wade takes out the 76 on the second dart.
Part leads 3-2
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