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Monday, March 23, 2009

2009 Pat Murphy Open results from Deb Tice

Hey, here's the results from the Murphy shoot, I posted them on my myspace, but wasn't sure who to send them to for any dart sites.
Blind Draw
1st Brian Leicester - Frank Avila
2nd Dennis Williams - Reu DelaCruz
3/4 Jim Zabel - Dan Jager
3/4 Randy Taylor - Doug McDonough
Cricket Doubles
1st Sean Downs - John Denich
2nd John Kramer - Carlos Calderon
3/4 Al Marsteiner - Michael Glass
3/4 Fred Aguero - Dave Johnson
Mens 501
1st John Kramer
2nd Charles Bradish
3/4 Sean Downs
3/4 Dan Jager
Ladies 501
1st Christa DeBoer
2nd Rena Acosta
3/4 Jan Turner
3/4 Gina Aguero
Mixed Doubles
1st Jan Kidd - Fred Aguero
2nd Debbie Tice - Russ Bates
3/4 Kim Kelly - Danny Kelly
3/4 Brooklyn - Monica VanDeVoort
Mixed Triples
1st John Kramer - Anne Kramer - Andrew Bennett
2nd John Denich - Carlos Calderon - Christa DeBoer
3/4 Fred Aguero - Gina Aguero - Sean Downs
3/4 Doug McDonough - Vicky McDonough - Charles Bradish
Adult Youth Shoot (Trophies and Medals awarded)
1st Dominic Pundt - Mark Pundt
2nd Jennifer Tice - Sean Downs
3rd Jim Zabel - JD Zabel

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