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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Premier League Darts, Wayne Mardle, Mervyn King: 3-26-09 finale

6th leg
Mardle to throw first
King leaves himself on 36.
Wayne on 120 and hits the d20 for the win.

7th leg
King hits the 180
King is on 16 and Mardle on 206.
King leaves himself on d1.
King hits the d1 on first dart.
the lead is now 6-2 King.

8th leg
Mardle to throw first.
Mardle on 40.
King on hits the d10 first dart.
7-2 King

9th leg
King hits another 180
King 126 finish on the bull.
King wins 8-2 finale.

The crowd is rally against King during the match and the interview.
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