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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Premier League Darts, John Part, James Wade 3-26-09 finale.

7th leg
Part to throw first
Wade on 20 and Part takes out the 113 on d18.
Part leads 4-3... it was said that Part has a 100% checout rate

8th leg
Wade hits a 180 to leave 124
Part hits a 180
Wade takes out 20 on d5
the match is level 4-4

9th leg
Part takes out 69 on d16 to win the leg.
Part 5-4

10th leg
Wade hits a 180 to leave 221
Wade hits another 180 to leave 41
Wade hits d20 2nd dart to win the leg
level match at 5-5

11th leg
Part hits a 180 to leave 181
on 81 Part misses two doubles (d12 & d6)
on his next turn Part hits the d6 for the win.
Part 6-5

12th leg
With Part on 32, Wade take out 56 to level the match

13th leg
Part 180 to leave 321
Wade answers with 140
Part goes 25 d20 to take the leg
Part leads 7-6

14th leg
Part hits 180 to leave 181
Wade hits 140 to leave 218
Part on 56 and Wade take t18, d12 to tie the match.
7-7 finale.
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