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Friday, December 17, 2010

2011 PDC World #Darts Championship Stompe v. Wright break 1

Stompe off to a good start, and Wright working to find his way.
Stompe takes the first leg of the first set.
Stompe 1-0 in legs

leg 2
Wright finds some strong scoring to have 2 at the double and misses. Stompe comes to the line to finish 111 for a break of throw and another leg
Stompe 2-0 in legs

leg 3
Good scoring by both in this leg and Stompe gets first look at the double.
Stompe leaves 8 with wright on 40 and Writght steps up to take the leg.
Stompe 2-1

leg 4
Wright scoring well enough to have first look at the double with Stompe not yet on a finish.
Wright take the leg.
All level 2-2

leg 5 for the first set:
Stompe with the throw, and throwing just well enough to hold his throw. But Wright hits 180 to apply pressure.
100 for Stompe, he leaves 38
Wright needs 78, s18, s20, s20 leaves 20
Stompe misses 3 at the double leaves 35
Wright leaves 5
Stompe s3, s16, s8 leaves 8
Wright s1,d2 for the leg and the set.
Wright takes it 3-2 and is up 1-0 in sets

A set that was Stompe's for the taking.
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