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Friday, December 17, 2010

2011 PDC World #Darts Championship Preliminary Match Scholten v. Vinikka

Preliminary Match Scholten v. Vinikka

leg 1
Vinikka throwing well and gets first shot at the double and holds his throw.
Vinikka 1-0

leg 2
Scholten to throw first hold his throw well enough.
Vinikka with a 180 to leave 83, but does not see a double.
Scholten on 108 and leaves 16
Vinikka finishes it to break the leg against the throw.
Vinikka 2-0

leg 3
Scholten hits 180 to take the scoring lead, but comes back to the line to score 50. 155 left.
Vinikka on 117
Scholten leaves 16
Vinikka leaves 74
Scholten bust first dart
Vinikka leaves 8
Scholten takes the leg
Vinikka 2-1

leg 4
Scholten scoring well to hold scoring advantage and will see the double first.
all level 2-2

leg 5
Vinikka to throw first.
Scholten 180 to take the scoring advantage against the throw.
Vinikka 140 to keep it close.
Scholten on 151 leaves 112
Vinikka on 147 leaves 88
Scholten finishes 112
Scholten 3-2

leg 6
Scholten to throw first but opens with 26
poor scoring from both in this leg both players with more than 200 left after 12 darts.
Scholtem on 107 and leaves 12
Vinikka on 115 leaves 16
Scholten takes the leg and the match!
Scholten 4-2
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