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Saturday, December 18, 2010

2011 PDC World #Darts Championship Whitlock v. Evans set 3

set 3, leg 1
Whitlock to throw first
level scoring in this leg
Whitlock sees the double first and hits it.
Whitlock 1-0

doubles % at this point:
Whitlock 47%
Evans 25%

leg 2
steady scoring in this leg and Evans has two at a double and misses
Whitlock comes to the line and takes the leg
Whitlock 2-1

Evans appears to be bothered bye a specfic fan that he keeps looking at after his throws.

leg 3
Both scoring well, but Whitlock is to the double first and hits it.
Whitlock legs 3-1, sets 3-0

Evans showed flashes of strong play, but Whitlock was focused and shooting well.
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