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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Bigger cash payouts for #darts in the USA

Trying to build top level darts to a new level is being attempted by Major League Darts, a new organization that is the creation of Brian Jackson. He is attempting to build a tournament series that will cover the USA and Canada. This post is his perspective of how he hopes to give top players the chance of playing more darts and winning more cash...

Size is killing us here. Both the US and Canada. I think Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world. I think the US is 3rd. Granted good chunks of both countries are uninhabited, but still....

Hopefully the prize money offered will entice players to attend the MLD tournaments. The better the 2011 events do, the more events in 2012 and beyond there will be, and larger purses. If we prove this works as players, then sponsors will follow. It has to work that way right now. No one is going to give money away.

The plan is to have events spaced to maximize the number of areas that will have minimal travel. It's really tough to do that. Don't want all the events on the East Coast like we have now.

Here's an analogy (that I hope translates to words) and one of the inspirations that is behind this idea.

Look around, you're most likely near a table.
Imagine the table as the member base of either the ADO or NDFC
Now place a small napkin on the table: These are the people who attend tournaments.
Now place a dart flight on the napkin. These are the people who win money at the tournaments.

The people in the table don't attend the tournaments because of the people in the dart flight: "why should I donate my money, when X is going to win?"

More people who belong in the dart flight group don't travel to a lot of tournaments because the payouts aren't enough to cover expenses because more people from the table don't go to the tournaments. We are in a catch-22.

Solution: Take the people in the dart flight and give them their own tournaments where they will travel to and the payouts are good.

Benefits: The better players get to play more darts against better competition with a much higher chance of paying for the weekend. Let aside the additional benefit of higher exposure playing in quality events.

The existing tournaments should get more people attending (once they realize that the better players won't be there as often), because they now think they have a chance to place/win money.

Here's another one for you. Let's say you paid $20 to enter an event and you come in Top 32, you get $40. You have DOUBLED your money... pretty good return on investment.
Now, at a different tournament, you pay $100 to enter, and you get Top 32, and receive $150. Your profit margin isn't as great as the $20 entry fee, but....

You feel better about winning $150 than winning $40 even though, you earned more (percentage wise) in the first tournament. Odd, but it's true.

Just some more food for thought!

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