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Sunday, December 12, 2010

#DART PLAYERS NEW YORK was born - building big money #darts in North America

an post by ae37: 
Had the pleasure of meeting Brian (fotoman)
this past July in Vegas out at the darts.
We talked for awhile exchanging ideas and experiences
and realized we were both trying to head in the same direction
with longer format/higher prize money tournaments.

He laid out his plan for what has become MLD to
myself and a fellow NYer.
I am going to do my best to bring an MLD event
to the East Coast/NY area.
Think it's a great idea and as a player sounds like a great day of darts.

That being said, with the amount of projects i'm juggling i simply
CAN"T do it by myself.
I just want to put it out there to my fellows along the east coast,
from Philly through NY to Boston.
If you want to be involved or have some ideas, please get in touch
and let's brainstorm and set up a solid plan to have MLD
unveiled on the east coast in Sept of 2011.
Very Happy

At the same time in Vegas, I showed Brian my outline
for the project I had been working on for a year.
I realized we need to set up a recurring series of events
for good players to play each other and walk away with good money.
A sort of tour if you will Smile
"good players playing good players for good money"
I setup a plan for what i knew and the area i knew best
(thinking the whole US was to big to tackle, and thinking if we all developed our regions into healthy dart communities)
hence: DART PLAYERS NEW YORK was born.
It is meant to be a platform from which to launch the
ideas i've been building up to keep the good players in the area busy
while we work on getting our US players in shape to play the Pro's

So on Nov 1st, I launched the first project:
Players Championship Tour

A series of 6
501 Singles Long Format
events around the
greater New York City area
showcasing great dart players
and great dart locations
leading to the
$5,000 Grand Finals!

These events are all PRE-Registration with entry deadlines
32 playes max each event/ $800+ payout each event
$50 entry fee per tournament
tour points will be awarded to players based upon finishing
Top 16 points players after the 6 events will qualify for
the $5,000 Grand Finals with the winner receiving
a $3,000 sponsorship package*
*(package includes $1500 cash & paid 2 night stay and weekend's
entry fee to these ADO tourney's:
Rae Chesney Open (PA) Jan 2012
Syracuse Open (NY) Feb 2012
Virginia Beach Open (VA) Mar 2012
White Mtn Shootout (NH) Apr 2012
USA Dart Classic (CT) Aug 2012

Tour Event #1- January 22nd 2011@ McGee's (Manhattan)
Tour Event #2- March 12th 2011@ McLoughlin's (Queens)
Tour Event #3- May 14th 2011@ Gryphon's (Westchester)
Tour Event #4- July 16th 2011@ The Rock (New Jersey)
Tour Event #5- September 17th 2011@ Varuna Club (Brooklyn)
Tour Event #6- November 12th 2011@ Behan's (Bronx)
Grand Finals- December 17th 2011@ Irish Rover (Queens)

I think the combination of PDSL singles league during the week
and longer format 501 tournaments on the weekend is the
the winning receipe for long term succes.

post source:

Dart Players New York
Tournament Director

Regional Rep- NYC

Queensborough Darts Association
League Director
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