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Monday, February 23, 2009

Bluebonnet Classic - 2009 - some early results....

Mixed Doubles 501 - 1st Stacy Bromberg and Davis Snider, 2nd Andrea Taylor and Joe Cheney

Women's Doubles Cricket - 1st Stacy Bromberg and Suzie Hall, 2nd Andrea Taylor and Brenda Roush

Women's Singles Cricket - 1st Andrea Taylor, 2nd Stacy Bromberg

Women's Doubles 501 - 1st Andrea Taylor and Brenda Roush, 2nd Jamie and Kim (sorry don't know their last names) (source link....)

Director - Region 3-1
Forwarded by Elaine Bohls-Graham
2009 Houston Bluebonnet Tournament

Hello again my friends, it's that time again to book your reservations for the 2009 Bluebonnet Tournament in February. Visit and make your reservations today.

Good luck and good darting.

Ron Howald

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