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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wade v. Taylor - finale -Premier League Darts 2-26-09

7th leg:
Wade takes the leg to go up

8th leg:
Taylor hits the Max... 180!
Wade replies with a 180 of his own!
Taylor holds his throw to pull back to 5-3

9th leg:
Wade hits the Max ... 180
Taylor hits back... 180
Avg. so far:
Wade 103
Taylor 102
Wade goes up 6-3

10th leg:

Avg. so far:
Wade 101
Taylor 103

Taylor wins the leg to pull back to 6-4!

11th leg:
Avg. so far:
Wade 104
Taylor 105
Wade takes the leg it's now 7-4

12th leg:
Avg. so far:
Wade 104
Taylor 104
Wade finishes 138 to take the Match!
Wade wins 8-4

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