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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Will Sponsor a North American Pro Dart Player?

I just throught I'd throw in my 2cents worth here...

I think that sponsorship of a darts player is an absolutely wonderful idea. As the player(s) that have posted in this thread attested to, darts is an expensive undertaking, and without proper sponsorship it probably won't be an undertaking for very long unless one manages to reach the top of the heaps rather quickly.

I do feel though that "charity begins at home."

The Americans playing the sport of darts have enough troubles already, and realistically could use the support more than someone that is NOT located within driving distance of the largest tournaments and most frequent tournaments in the circuit.

I can understand players everywhere needing support, but there is a huge difference between gas money and airfare.

Americans are fighting darts battles on several fronts, it's not only the players themselves here that need help, but the sport itself! We can't even get the major sports broadcasters to put tournaments that are held here on our televisions, while broadcasters in Europe come here and show these tournaments live halfway around the world.

Nothing against any darter anywhere, but I think that local boys and girls might be in greater need of assistance.

As I said, just my two cents worth. (there's more to read so click the link)
Link---> Sponsor a player

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