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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wade v. Taylor - at the break -Premier League Darts 2-26-09

1st leg:
Wade throws the first 180 of the match!
Wade holds his throw
Wade 1-0

2nd leg:
Taylor holds his throw
the match is all level at 1-1

3rd leg:
Taylor his his first 180 or the match
Wade leads 2-1
Avg. so far:
106 wade
114 Taylor

4th leg:
Taylor hits his 2nd 180
Avg. so far:
109 wade
122 Taylor
Taylor levels the match

5th leg:
Avg. so far:
Wade 107
Taylor 111
Wade Holds his throw and is up 3-2!

6th leg:
Avg. so far:
Wade 102
Taylor 106
Wade goes up 4-2 by breaking Taylor's throw!


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