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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Klaasen v King - finale -Premier League Darts 2-26-09

7th leg:
158 finish by Klaasen to break Kings throw
King is up 4-3

8th leg:
King breaks Klaasen to go up 5-3

9th leg:
Klassen hits his 4th 180
Klassen had a shot to break kings throw, but busted the 32 finish!
King 6-3

10th leg:
Klaasen holds his throw
King 6-4

11th leg:
2 180's for King, but does not get the 141 finish.
King wins 7-4

12th leg:
King hits another 180!
King wins 8-4
Full report:,,10180,00.html

Next Wade v. Taylor

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