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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Terry Jenkins 6-8 Raymond van Barneveld - finale -Premier League Darts 2-26-09

7th leg:
van Barneveld hits the 180 again.
van Barneveld breaks Jenkins to lead 4-3

8th leg:
Jenkins hits the 180!
Jenkins breaks van Barneveld's throw to level it at 4-4

9th leg:
Jenkins hits 180 again!
Jenkins takes the leg it's now 5-4

10th leg:
van Barneveld pulls level again 5-5

11th leg:
Jenkins hits the 180 yet again!
van Barneveld gets the break to go ahead 6-5

12th leg:
van Barneveld now gets another 180 of his own!
van Barneveld takes this leg and it is now 6-5!

13th leg:
Jenkins 180!
Jenkins holds his throw to pull to 7-6

14th leg:
van Barneveld 180 again!
van Barneveld wins the Match 8-6

John Part 8-1 Wayne Mardle
Mervyn King 8-4 Jelle Klaasen
James Wade 8-4 Phil Taylor
Terry Jenkins v Raymond van Barneveld
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Rags said...

Thanks for the timely updates DT! Those of us who were to busy to tune in sure appreciate it! Epic day of darts!

Dart Talk said...

It just dawn on me that not everyone can be on forums or watch a stream from work, so I thought I would try to do a leg by leg update. If things work out I try the same thing next week.

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