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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

from the email stack... ADO Qualifiers

For some reason, a lot of people are not getting my emails from the SOCALREGIONDIRECTOR email address, so I am going to resend from my original email address for now. I also previously sent an email out about the regional dates and times. If you did not get that one either, please let me know. If I missed anyone on this list, please forward this on. Thanks!

Hello everyone,
This is just to confirm that there will be 2 open qualifiers for the Masters Regional and they will both be at the Dolphin Lounge in Anaheim. The first is this Saturday, Feb 28th-start time 12noon and the second on Saturday March 7th-start time 12 noon. Depending on turnout, mens and ladies will play separate and again, these are open to any players in the region.
Any questions, please email me. Hope to see everyone there!

Take care!!!

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