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Sunday, March 08, 2009

John MaGowan - a portrait

Charis writes: We often hear and discuss "darting heroes" or more recently "Ambassadors“ and every time when I thought about who impressed me most of all the players I had the chance to meet as a fan or a “reporter” one of the players that come to my mind is John MaGowan. I wouldn’t say John is a hero neither would he I am sure. And he certainly is not a Phil Taylor who goes from win to win.

Nevertheless he’s for me some kind of “hero” or better one of those characters in darts, who leave their mark in British darts and would be missed a lot on the circuit.
I first “met” John on TV in 2006, when we here in Germany were lucky to see all major tournaments televised live. In this year he played in the semi-finals of the UK Open Final where he lost to Raymond van Barneveld. (full article...)
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