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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

STEEL DARTS: Bullseye for duo of Boehm, Wilhelm

NEWFANE — Lockport’s Jeff Wilhelm and his partner, Doug Boehm of Buffalo, placed first on Saturday at the Newfane Manor’s Steel Tip Dart Blind Draw Tournament.

A modest field of 24 participants included six first-time players at the Manor, according to organizer Mike Platt. They were Jeff Weiskopff (Buffalo), Dave Bronson (Lockport), Pete Barnes (Newfane), Kathy Carlson (Lockport), Dave Case (Newfane), Jay Wojcik (Buffalo) and Auria Mt. Pleasant (Newfane), a tournament administrator who was pressed into service to round out the field.

In the round robin portion of the tournament, each blind draw team played 15 games to determine the top two teams from each bracket. (full article...)
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