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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dartoids World 8-14-2010, #darts

Both Dartoid and The Old Dart Coach, Howie Reed, are back with new columns today! The T'oid's is brief while the ODC's is the usual length but there is a similarity to their subjects.
Dartoid: There is a fundamental difference between promoting with zeal and knowingly misleading people in an effort to garner attention and profit for your enterprise.
Howie: Toeing the Oche has for the most part been positive on the Professional Darts Corporation. They, the PDC, have accomplished in fewer than 15 years what the sport couldn't accomplish in the 500 years prior. A TV contract, the end of phony draws, real rankings and a new level of excellence from the oche. “So what’s the beef ?” With success sometimes those responsible for achievement feel empowered. In their own minds they become anointed as infallible and all-knowing.
Click here for the rest of Dartoid's column.
Click here for the rest of Howie's column.
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