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Sunday, August 01, 2010

#darts 2nd break review Taylor v. Walsh

leg 6
Walsh hit his first 180 of the match
Walsh on 64
Taylor on 128  and leaves  65
Walsh on 64  and leaves 40
Taylor comes back and finishes the 65
t  4-2

leg 7
Taylor stars the leg with 180, 140, 140 leaving 41
and Walsh is back on 173
and Taylor comes to the line and takes the leg
t 5-2

leg 8
Avg so far Walsh avg 97, Taylor avg 107
Walsh is holding his scoring advantage, but a bounce out leaves him with 80
Walsh shoting 120 but  leaves 20
Taylor is on 104 but leaves 16
Walsh is on 20 and hits it 3rd dart
Taylor 5-3

leg 9
Taylor has the throw but is not scoring well to start, but a 140 helps him hold his advantage
Walsh hits his 2nd 180 to leave 93
Taylor has 159 and leaves 32
Walsh needs 93 and leaves 7
Taylor leaves 8 rare miss for Taylor and Walsh will have a big chance here.
Walsh takes the leg
t 5-4

leg 10
Walsh trying to extend his scoring advantage, and Taylor dose not score well.
Walsh on 67 with Taylor shooting 202
Taylor from 202 shoots 170 and leaves 32
Walsh needs 67 but leaves 40
Taylor one dart to take the leg
Taylor 6-4

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