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Sunday, August 01, 2010

#darts 2010 Taylor v Walsh at 1st break review

Taylor to throw first.
Phil starts scoring well, but so does Walsh, and Walsh is able to steal the leg against the throw!
This could be typical Taylor slow start.
Walsh 1-0

leg 2
Again Walsh takes out the leg
Walsh 2-0

leg 3
first 180 of the match  for Taylor leaves 187
Walsh on 300 Taylor shooting at 87
Taylor leaves 32 but with Walsh no where near  a finish Taylor comes back to take it.
Walsh 2-1

leg 3
Taylor starts 180, 85, 121
Taylor needs 115 and leaves 71
but Walsh is on 24
Walsh to shoot 24 for the match, and can't hit  it with 3 darts (all were close)
Taylor shoots 71 to take it.
all level 2-2 Walsh must rue the fact that he had 3 darts for the leg and couldn't get it done.

leg 5
Taylor 180 to leave 221
Taylor leaves 161
Walsh leaves 182
Taylor from 161 leaves 24
Walsh leaves 42
Taylor takes the leg. Walsh must find focus to continue to pressure Taylor
Taylor 3-2
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