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Sunday, August 01, 2010

#darts final Taylor v. Walsh summary

leg 11
not strong scoring from either player so far.
Taylor holds his throw and takes the leg
Taylor 7-4

leg 12
Taylor needs 142 leaves 40
Walsh need 32 and leaves 8
Taylor comes back to the oche to take the leg. Walsh knows that he has missed an important opportunity here.
Taylor 8-4

leg 13
Walsh looking to take advantage of slack scoring form Taylor with a 140, but Taylor comes back with a 180 to leave 161,
Walsh shooting at 164 but leaves 24.
Taylor shooting at 24 for the leg and hits it first dart.
Taylor 9-4

leg 14
Walsh is looking to expand his scoring advantage with a 14o, but Taylor hits back with at 174 leaving 128
Walsh leaves 48
Taylor 128 finish on the bull for the leg and the match.
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