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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

#darts Bravo’s Backstage Round up

European Darts Championship 2010
29th Jul – 1st Aug 2010. Dunslaken, Germany
            We landed in a sunny Düsseldorf late on Friday afternoon; and after watching Thursday nights action live on Bravo, we where eager to arrive and  get a taste the action first-hand. After shoveling down some schnitzel at the hotel, we jumped in a taxi and headed straight for Stadthalle in Dinslaken, where we we’re greeted by a bunch of very jovial fans, enjoying a pre-match beer or two.
We settling down in the pressroom with the lovely chaps from the PDC, and got stuck into the first game. The first night had seen raining champion Phil Taylor win 6-2 to Co Stompe in what was a pretty edgy start, but clear finish for the people’s favourite. The second night saw some serious action, with hotly tipped Raymond van Barneveld edging out Andy Hamilton in an 11-leg thriller and favourites James Wade and Adrian Lewis taking the early flight home.
We caught up with presenter James Richardson at the end of play, who said;
“It started off brilliantly with Bernd Roith taking out Ovens which really got the crowed into it, then we had the German - Dutch clash that got the pulses racing. Terrific match from Colin Lloyd and James Wade as well, so its been outstanding; a real step-up from last night”

Saturday was destined to be a big one, with two 19-leg sessions on a very muggy and action packed day. The crowed where out in full force with fancy dress, home made signs and strong German lager was firmly on the menu. The first session saw Jenkins earning his last eight place with a 10-8 defeat of Simon Whitlock.
The break was filled with players-lounge banter followed by a quick pizza at the local Italian, then back to Stadthalle for the Bates vs Caven head-to-head, culminating in a 10-6 win to a delighted Caven. It was a tense moment as Roith took the lead over Van Barneveld, but he pulled it back and secured a 10-7 victory. Taylor vs Smith saw the champion carry on defending his rain with a huge 10-5 win. We managed to grab him after him came off stage and asked what his predictions where for the final’
“He played well, he’s a difficult opponent to play well against because he’s a loveable guy, everybody loves him….But as soon as it comes down to those final 5 legs, it’s a different kettle of fish”
Sunday was another hot day and the afternoon sessions saw some serious dart action. Both Taylor and Jones won their matches with bullseyes, pleasing a very hyped up crowed and 2nd in the world Van Barneveld heading home. It was all to play for in the evening final.
The first semi-final match was one of the tensest of the whole tournament and saw both Jones and Lloyd neck-and-neck for the whole game. Jones finally took it with a strong double 8, winning 11-10 and wondering if he would see the raining champion in the final.
The second semi-final was just as, if not more gripping than the first. Jenkins put up a seriously strong fight against Taylor, finally loosing out 11-10 in a tense last leg.
And so to the final, world champion Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor against Wayne Jones in his first ever televised final. The atmosphere in the room was electric and you could here a pin drop when the first dart was thrown. Half way through and Taylor was 5-0, you could see he was gunning for a complete wipeout. The final score was 11-1 to Taylor but the room was filled with admiration for Jones who had put up a strong fight.
All in all it was an amazing weekend. We had a great time backstage with all of the players and PDC members who really made it for us. What a bunch!

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