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Sunday, August 01, 2010

#darts Wayne Jones v. Colin Lloyd final

leg 11
Jones has 136 and leaves 36
Lloyd leaves 32
at 18, miss by Jones
3 darts no score by Lloyd
Jones s2, d8 for the leg
Lloyd 6-5,,10180~2107930,00.html
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leg 12
Jones 180 leaves 221 and Lloyd on 306
Jones 180 for 41
Jones leaves 32
Lloyd on 160
Jones gets the leg
all level 6-6

leg 13
180 for Jones leaves 161
Lloyd 96
Jones leaves 96
Lloyd leaves 20
Jones leaves18
Lloyd hits d5 for the leg.
Lloyd 7-6

leg 14
180 for Lloyd to start then 60, 83
140 by Jones to get 101
Lloyd at 78 leaves 25
Jones takes the leg

leg 15
Lloyd 180, 44 but more erratic scoring after that.
Jones at 176 and leaves 130
Lloyd takes the leg
Lloyd 8-7

leg 16
Jones at 118, but leaves 72, Lloyd brings it down to apply pressure,
but Jones takes it.
level 8-8

leg 17
fairly level scoring at this point.
Jones should have first shot at a double, but cant find a double.
Lloyd at 68 leaves 16
Jones at 62 leave 32
Lloyd misses all 3 at d16
Jones is back to win the leg.
Jones 9-8

leg 18
First few darts are erratic for both players, and Jones only just ahead in scoring, but 140 bring in reach.
Jones leaves 40
Lloyd back to take the leg.
all level 9-9

leg 19
Bravo scoreboard has gone on the blink again.
Commentators are calling the score very well to keep us up to date.
with Jones on 86 Lloyd finishes 50
Lloyd 10-9

leg 20
Jones to throw first and must hold his throw to have any chance to go further.
Jones on 86 Lloyd on 191
Jones takes the leg
all level 10-10

leg 21
Lloyd to throw first.
Lloyd leaves 307
Jones leaves 201
Lloyd 167 leaves 122
Jones leaves 61
Lloyd leaves 14
Jones takes the leg and the match.
Jones 11-10

Very close match by these two, but Lloyd must be gutted. He had the winning dart in hand, but could not hit it and Jones came back for the win.

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