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Monday, August 02, 2010

Dartoids World 8-2-2010, #darts

The Old Dart Coach, Howie Reed, is back - with a rundown on the European Championships. Phil Taylor took the Big Bucks but it's Howie who is "over the moon."
Back in the day when the Old Dart Coach was the Old Rodeo Guy the days around July 4th used to be called “Cowboy’s Christmas.” The name emerged from a string of rodeos around that holiday that could make or break a cowboy’s year. Now with darts a professional sport the European Championships could well be darts’ Boxing Day. If the premise is accepted, I hereby proclaim that The World Matchplay was dart players’ Christmas and welcome you to The Stadthalle in Dinslaken, Germany for Boxing Day. With £200,000 in prize money, including £50,000 for Phil Taylor, this tournament is a big deal, with 31 players fighting for £20,000 in runner up money.
Click here for the rest of Howie's column.
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