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Monday, August 09, 2010

#Darts and TV audiences – the UK’s biggest indoor sport!

It’s a great time be be a darts fan – after a real lull in the televised game in the 90?s, it’s really come into its own again.  Love them or hate them, Sky Sports really lit the blue touch paper when it came to darts, bringing a new high glitz, professionally packaged product to the sports mad public.  Their 15 week premier league has been a real exhibition of darts – a showcase event which brings in a wedge of cash to the PDC coffers, allowing them to fund the richest darts tour of all time.

ITV have got back into darts in recent years, showing the Grand Slam of Darts (which gets some great viewing figures off on ITV4), and has won many plaudits for its great coverage (not quite as full on as Sky’s effort, but possibly a touch more informative with better and more frequent interviews).  I’d put the Sky spotter & camermen 1st though – they hardly ever miss a single dart or where it’s thrown.

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