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Thursday, August 12, 2010

#darts The Mental Game...

Zone, Focus, Mind and Thought Part 1

Zone, Focus, Mind and Thought

Often in games like soccer, darts, tennis etc, a persons mindset is important to excel or play at a satisfactory level. Everything at some point needs or requires your mind to work actively or passively. We talk about repetition to gain consistency is darts. We often use short cuts like preshot routines to set up a certain mindset. An example of this would be the Dennis Preistly finger lick or Taylors methodical setup before he throws. I often see people playing with their darts when they are waiting for their turn. These are all examples of triggers. An action that lets the mind know of what is to come up next. These tend to be active.

Zone, Focus, Mind and Thought Part 2

The Zone

So what the heck is it. Well its best shown by examples. Most of us have seen Jordan, Schumacher, Pele, Montana etc etc. Hit a point in their game where they are described as in the Zone. Interestingly, atheletes are only the most obvious examples of this occurance. Writers, Artists and Stock Traders are some examples of the not so obvious.
Michelangelo is most commonly associated to his paintings. Yet it was sculpting which he was truly head above his peers. He could see the form within a marble block. And would shed huge chunks of the precious Italian marble without hesitation and at an alarming rate. He would get in the zone while working with his favorite media.

Zone, Focus, Mind and Thought Part 3

The Mind

For many of us the biggest hurdle is our mind. Oddly our mind can be our biggest friend but also can be our biggest pain in the Ass. Everyone whom has read the first 2 parts of this series has taken complete and different aspects of each. Chances are only the parts that are agreeable have remained. Some of us, including myself will likely take it "as well its just an opinion". And yes that is all it is. But truthfully how much things can influence the persons mind is astonishing. A persons mind is as complex as it is simple. The old saying garbage in garbage out is true. If you consistently fill yourself with drivel when you are going to get that right back.

Zone, Focus, Mind and Thought Part 4


Zone, Focus and the Mind are all actually relatively tangible. We all know pretty well what being in the zone means, how and when we are focused and finally that we actually have something that churns between our ears with our mind. Thought however is a whole different kettle of tea.

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"Written of my head as usual. I've had a fortunate wide array of experiences which have allowed me to come out with my own interpretation of the human every day psyche."

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