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Friday, December 17, 2010

2011 PDC World #Darts Championship Lloyd v. Welge set 3

Lloyd v. Welge
3rd set leg 1
Lloyd off to a slow start in this leg and Welge should see the double first. Welge on 111
Lloyd leaves 158
Welge leaves 63
Lloyd leaves 86
Welge takes the leg
Welge 1-0

leg 2
has first look at the double and hits it.
Welge 2-0

leg 3
Lloyd just ahead in scoring advantage, but Welge is scoring well to keep the pressure on.
Lloyd at 120 with Wekge on 122
Lloyd leave 60
Welge leaves 49
Lloyd leaves 40
Welge is back to take the leg  and the set 3-0.
Lloyd leads in sets 2-1
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