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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Folks want to know which #darts they should get...

What's a good brand of darts?
There are many great darts in every price range, but I would not rush right out and spend your entire budget on a new set of darts until you have a good idea of what works for you. If you have friends who are avid dart players they are likely to have several sets of darts. They may even be willing to lend you a set for an extended tryout.
- I would not recommend a brand at this point, because there are so many in your price range the should work perfectly for you. Once you have experimented with several sets of darts of various weights, shapes and grips, you should have a look around to see if there are local dart vendors in your area. A dedicated dart shop (or a shop that specializes in home game room supplies) will give you better service and info about the quality of the darts in your price range than a sporting goods or department store. If you don't have a local store try shopping online.

What weight of darts should I get?
First of all if you are playing Soft-tip the weight of your darts are determined by the soft-tip machine you are playing on, and you will find the limit to be somewhere between 18-20 grams. But, Steel-tip or Soft-tip, you may find that you want to start with a heavier darts, as they are easier to control than a lighter dart (you can always change if you don't like the weight). Lighter darts will highlight errors in grip, throw and release.

My advice for getting better at darts:
1. Set reasonable attainable goals (more difficult goals can be set as you progress) and practice regularly, develop a solid stance, develop a smooth throw with full follow through.
2. Never back down from a game, play the strongest players available
3. Keep a positive attitude when you are practicing and playing a competitive match. thinking negative thoughts will make negative happen.

If you want more advice you can find more feedback online at various dart websites, forums and blogs.
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