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Friday, March 13, 2009

2009 PDC Calendar - Las Vegas Desert Classic

THE PDC can now confirm its 2009 calendar, featuring 127 days of action in its biggest year ever.

With prize money rising to over £5 million on the PDC circuit next year, the Players Championship Finals comes in as a new ranking event alongside televised non-ranked events at the Dutch Masters and Asian Masters.
The qualifiers for the 2009 Las Vegas Desert Classic will be held on Sunday July 28 and Monday 29 July, (error) with the Las Vegas Players Championship taking place on Tuesday July 30(error) before the televised stages of the Desert Classic begin on Wednesday July 1.
Correct dates are posted below

28 - 29 Las Vegas, USA Las Vegas Desert Classic Qualifiers
30 Las Vegas, USA Players Championship

1 - 5 Las Vegas, USA Las Vegas Desert Classic

(full calendar...)
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