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Friday, February 06, 2009

BODA seeks sponsorship

BODA seeks sponsorship
05 February, 2009

GABORONE - It is 10 years since Botswana Darts Association (BODA) parted ways with Kgalagadi Breweries Limited (KBL) and the association is yet to find a replacement for the sponsor.

The association's public relations officer, Peter Sekgwama said their league has been going on without a sponsor.

Sekgwama said Botswana National Sports Council only assists them when they go for competitions outside the country, such as the Zone VI.

He said, "If it was not for the passion and sportsmanship of my colleagues, the darts game in the country could have long been dead and buried." Sekgwama paid tributes to those with passion for the sports whom he said, "go out of their way, by using their personal belongings, to make sure that the sport continue." He said the team always performs well during international competitions.

"Last year we brought home a couple of medals from the Zone VI competition but no one never said anything, as if we were not representing the country." He pointed out that most of the sporting facilities in the country do not cater for them, as they do not have darts facilities and for this reason, parents are always reluctant to release their children citing among other reasons, lack of security as the games are always played in bars.

"We have a very formidable Under 18 team and we are always faced with difficulties when we want them for training because when we ask for them, parents and teachers give us a hard time, saying that they do not want their children to enter bars but unfortunately these are the only places that have darts facilities," he said.The public relations officer appealed to the private sector and government alike to come to their rescue before their ship sinks.

Meanwhile, the Southern Region darts league hosted a self-sponsored tournament over the weekend at Prisons Mess in Gaborone.

The aim of the tournament was to raise funds so that officials who run the league could be given incentives for their efforts and also to hone talent. The league has 14 teams and only eight participated in the tournament Each player paid P20 for every game.

There were three categories, team game, doubles and singles.

In the team category, Bonatla walloped Botswana Telecommunications Corporation (BTC) 2-1 walking away with P120. BTC were rewarded with P100 BDFA and Tau Super Shots (TSS) battled it out for position three and four. BDFA thumped TSS 2-1 and they won P80 and P60 respectively.

In the doubles, which was dominated by national team players, Charles Segwabe and John Setlhalefi of Police were victors and walked away with P160. Isaac Kamako paired with Moora Silas (BDFA) and they got P100 In the singles, the winner walked away with P160, while the second and third got P100 and P50 respectively.BOPA (story source...)
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