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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Haring round in mad March

NOT long to go before the busiest month of the year on the PDC tour, well for me it is in any case! Four weekends on the trot throughout March with tournaments all over the UK.
I have been putting in some quality time on the practice board, and have tried to change things in my approach to matches. Whether it's playing against a mate in the pub, or in a full-blown competition, I need to deal with every match in the same way so that I reach the same level of focus each time.

Now, I can't say at this moment whether what I have changed has had a major effect on my results, or whether it is pure coincidence that I seem to have upped my game to a higher level, but my results and performances over the weeks since changing my approach have been a huge boost to my confidence. (full article...)
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