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Monday, March 02, 2009

A post about Youth Darts from Rocky at sewa-darts - update

Check out the blog for the donations for Parkhill Youth Dart League

A post by Ron (Rocky) Wilcox:

Hello, my name is Ron (Rocky) Wilcox and I run a youth dart league in Parkhill, Ontario Canada. I am writing to you today because I am organizing a fundraiser to help send 12 of our players to the Youth Provincial Championships in St. Catherine’s, Ontario.

I would like to take a moment of your time to offer you a little bit of information about our league. This league was started five years ago, and I took over running it four years ago, teaching these youths the game of darts. We started out with 5 youth players from ages 10 – 17, and we now have grown to 36 players from ages 7-18. We attend regular league nights every Wednesday for 1.5 hours. We also compete in many tournaments all over the province. We have sent many players to Provincial Championships each year. This year we are sending 12 players next month and 12 players again in May.

We run a youth dart tournament fundraiser to help support the cost of these trips. As you can appreciate, sending 12 players to the Provincial Championships can cost close to $4,000.00 for the weekend. This would include the travel expenses, as well as hotel charges, and the cost of food and fees. Last year we ran a tournament to try to raise funds to cover these expenses. 81 adult players attended and we raised just under $900.00 in five hours! This included me getting my head shaved for a whopping $166.00! This year we are hoping to raise just a bit more to help out with the costs. We have received a few great donations from a few sponsors, but we are looking for a few top notch items to help bring in those extra dollars. All items are auctioned off via a silent auction, so the bidding can get a little crazy sometimes! However, anything helps, such as dart boards, darts, shirts, flights, gift certificates, any small or large items, sport passes, I'm Cinderella! Passes, etc. Anything and everything is accepted and the more the merrier.

I have included a link to our youth web page, however, it has not been updated for a few weeks, as our stats lady has been sick, but you can still see the great work these kids have put in, as well as their achievements, and some articles from newspapers.

Please take a moment to visit

If you would like to donate to this cause, it would be greatly appreciated. In return, as part of your donation, your name and web site will be added to the online flier and email list that is sent out to the 750 dart players that I have compiled in recent years. This list also goes to all the dart web sites listing tourneys, so we are in return providing many opportunities for recognition for yourself and your website. I also post all the results and event information online on different sites. Once you have confirmed your donation, a list of sites will be sent to you with your recognition!

Thank you for your time and consideration today and if you are willing to make a donation to this great cause, please contact me directly at one of the email addresses listed below. As always, anything and everything is appreciated, and even if you choose not to make any type of donation at this time, we would greatly appreciate any support you can offer by forwarding this email on to others that you think might be interested in helping out this great group of kids.

recentlypoor AT execulink DOT com


Parkhill_Youth_Darts AT execulink DOT com

Parkhill Youth Dart League

C/O Ron Wilcox

178 Main st

Parkhill Ontario


N0M 2K0

Feel free to call me if you have any other questions. I can be reached at 519-694-0895. Thank you

The auction items are as follows so far. this list will be updated as things come in:

John Part Custom WC Shirt
John Part tungsen Darts and custom case
David Fatum Team Canada Shirt (09)
David Fatum Darts use at Us Open and WC
David Fatum Flights and accessories
Chris White Custom Shirt (Pume MAY also jump in with chris on this)
Rob Heckman Custom Dart Shirt
TSC Stores Gift Certificates
08/09 World Championships Program Signed by Taylor & Barney

Plus more coming in every day... keep an eye out... there may be something you want.... as the day comes nearer, i will be also opening up the Silent auction bids online..... on the day of the auction.. i will post a link for your bids... and place them for you as it happens... so keep this page handy..... you may get some Great Deals...
link---> Getting Behind the Youth Players!
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