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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

SMART Dartz 4 Kids is starting to hit the mark in schools.

On target with Dartz

Last updated 15:48, Wednesday, 04 February 2009

SMART Dartz 4 Kids is starting to hit the mark in schools.

Monkwray and Kells St Mary’s are already reaping the benefits of an innovative game which is seen as a safe, simple, interactive way of teaching mental arithmetic.

Former county darts champion, John Kane, has used top flight contacts in the sport to have the game introduced in two Whitehaven schools.

Now he’s looking for sponsorship to cover all West Cumbrian schools.

“Monkwray and Kells St Mary’s have both shown a substantial increase in mathematics attainment of around the 25 per cent mark,” says John. “With an average class size of around 30 children, the ideal scenario would be for each of the local schools to have 15 sets of the game.

“It can be used to cover age groups from four to 12 years and it is also a very useful learning tool for those with special needs and even parents who want to improve their maths.”

John says sponsorship is key because of the expense – £120 for one box of the game containing five sets and £360 for a whole school.

“If I can get the necessary sponsorship the package will include some school visits from Phil (“The Power”) Taylor the 14 times world darts champion, not only will this help raise the profile of the area but give the community a much-needed boost in the current climate.”

John, a Copeland councillor for Hillcrest, is talking to potential sponsors and anyone wishing to get involved can contact him through the borough council in Whitehaven.
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