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Monday, February 16, 2009

Tanzania: Empire Defends Darts Title This Weekend

Elisha Mayallah
Arusha — The darts tournament pitting Empire Darts Club of Arusha, and over 10 other darts clubs drawn from Kenya and Tanzania, kicks-off next Saturday, February 14, at the Magereza Club venue in Moshi.

The competition held on rotational basis among Arusha, Moshi, Taveta, and Voi venues, is being hosted by Taita Taveta Darts Association, a branch of Kenya Darts Association.

Empire Darts Club, the trophy holders, have in the last two weeks been busy featuring in several build-up matches to gauge their readiness ahead of the tournament.

They will be playing against various teams drawn from Voi, Taveta, Holili border and Uyudai. Moshi, Mto-wa-mbu and Karatu will be represented by their own teams while Arusha (besides the Empire Darts Club) will field Family Club, Magereza, AICC, Breweries, Sunrise and Usa River teams in the tournament.

Empire Darts Club after successful victories in the recent past boasts of holding various trophies, including Arusha Region Amateur Darts Association [ARADA] 2nd place last year, IDK trophy in Taveta, Kenya and Chala Cup - 1st winner, Jirani Mwema Trophy and Tanzanite Trophy second runners-up.

Zoeb Kaley, the team captain of the Empire Darts Club, is optimistic that his team is ready to start on a winning note.

"We are physically and mentally prepared for the tournament. We know there will be a lot of expectations from the teams and fans. We will try to stick to a winning psychology," he said.

Zoeb's team's recent performance stems out from a committed team comprising 14 players who have stayed together in the past five years. His team is self-sponsored, but corporate business firms like Bulk Distributors and International Dairy Products of Arusha had on various occasions sponsored the team.

Zoeb also had a word of thanks to the sponsors for their continued support.

Empire Darts Club, established in the early 2000 at the Tanzania Farmers Association [TFA] complex in Arusha, has participated in various East African tournaments since, and hosted one in 2006. (full article...)
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