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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

TED HANKEY reckons Phil Taylor is dead scared of facing him on the oche.

From SOD Hearn interview:

Q: Mr Hearn, Why are you against the head to head between Hankey & Taylor?
A: I don't see how it can harm the PDC in any way. Even if you see the result as a
foregone conclusion it would still reflect positively.

• I’m not against a head-to-head – where did you get that idea from?
I’m in favour of it as I think it’s an easy game for Phil and easy money too.
Unfortunately, that’s what TV companies also think too; that it’s a mismatch and not
worth the money. Phil Taylor doesn’t play these type of games unless he gets well
I should add that we offered Ted Hankey £220,000 “Winner-Takes-All” with Phil
Taylor putting up £125,000 and Ted putting up £95,000, but funnily enough this got
turned down.
Seriously, if a TV company came to us with an acceptable fee, we would do this
match in a heartbeat.

BDO champ ‘The Count’ Hankey wants a showdown with his opposite number from the rival PDC.

Hankey, a big fan of Count Dracula and horror films, splashed out £2,000 on a second-hand funeral hearse yesterday to ferry the Prince of Dartness around in style.

Hankey declared: “For some reason Taylor is running away and does not seem keen on facing me.

“He’s scared. He must have seen me hit 42 180s on my way to the world title and perhaps that’s frightened him.

“Phil’s not big on his maximums. He knows that I have the game to beat him.

“I have even bought a new car which we can put him in the back of once I have finished with him.

“I love the car. I am going to get it customised and maybe even put a coffin in the back.

“I’ll drive it everywhere, to exhibitions and tournaments.”

Initial talks are underway to stage a mouth-watering match — the best of 13 sets — to decide the undisputed king of tungsten.

Hankey insists he will play Taylor any place, anywhere and any time — well almost, as long as it is after sunset. (story source...)

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