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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Voices of reason - Sid Waddell

This week I was very surprised to hear that the sports journalists of the Daily Mail not only named me in their top 50 sports commentators of all time, but ranked me as high as eighth in their list.

I was certainly in some esteemed company in the top 10 alongside the likes of Richie Benaud, Bill McLaren and my old buddy David Coleman whom I used to work with on darts from 1979-80. I was chuffed when I was named Sports Commentator of the Year in 2002, but to be named in the top 50 of all time alongside greats such as those was quite amazing.

My commentary style has been subject to a lot of criticism over the years (the phrase 'Tourette's Syndrome' has been used by some (full article...)
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