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Thursday, March 05, 2009

2009 Premier League Feb 5, 2009 King vs. Taylor finale

7th leg:
Taylor opens with 180, and King on the next turn hits one of his own
King steals the leg!
Taylor leads 4-3

8th leg:
King finishes 112 to draw level with Taylor!

9th leg:
Avg so far
Taylor 102
King 96
Taylor hold his throw
Taylor 5-4

10th leg
King hits the 180 to open the leg.
Taylor hits a 180!
Taylor misses the 126 finish.

King levels it 5-5 with a 49 finish!
King breaks Taylor go take the lead!
King leads 6-5

12th leg:
Avg so far:
Taylor 103
King 101
King takes a 121 finish on the bull to go up!
King leads 7-5

13th leg:
King hits a 2 180's in this leg
Taylor needs 3 darts to finish 16 on the d2!
King leads 7-6

14th leg:
Taylor breaks King's throw to win the leg.
The match ends in a draw! 7-7

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